JUST VEGAN BBQ contact grill
JUST VEGAN BBQ contact grill
JUST VEGAN BBQ contact grill
JUST VEGAN BBQ contact grill

JUST VEGAN BBQ contact grill

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JUST VEGAN - CeraVegan BBQ contact grill with plant-based ceramic non-stick coating based on avocado oil in green.

BBQ contact grill and table grill in one with CeraVegan plant-based ceramic non-stick coating based on avocado oil. Ideal for grilling, toasting, roasting and gratinating without fat. Scratch-resistant and robust.  Even heat distribution. No burning and sticking.

As a contact grill, the flexibly suspended upper plate adapts to the size of the food. When unfolded, it can be used as a table grill, thereby doubling the grilling surface. Gentle and low-fat preparation of soy steaks, vegan grilled sausages, vegetable shish kebabs, sandwiches and small snacks thanks to the practical fat drip tray. Infinitely adjustable temperature up to 210 °C. 2 large CeraVegan ceramic-coated grill plates (each 29x26 cm) for the best grilling results. Easy cleaning.

  • Power 2000 watts
  • Grilling area 290mm x 260mm
  • Removable fat collection container
  • Temperature continuously adjustable (max. 210 degrees C)
  • Grill plates removable and dishwasher safe
  • Upper grill plate height-adjustable (5 levels)

The CeraVegan non-stick coating consists of several layers, the top layer of which contains a mixture of avocado oil and water. This extraordinary coating is free of chemical solvents. The CeraVegan non-stick coating is more powerful than standard non-stick coatings because it contains a natural, purely plant-based non-stick agent: avocado oil, which forms a wafer-thin microfilm that increases the non-stick properties of the coating.

Extremely robust and durable thanks to the plant-based ceramic non-stick coating

• Exclusive avocado oil coating creates a wafer-thin microfilm for a unique non-stick effect and healthier, fat-free cooking. 100% Vegan!

• high-quality and extremely resistant ceramic non-stick effect

• no harmful substances