JUST VEGAN set of 3 aluminum pans + food storage container set 3 pcs.

JUST VEGAN set of 3 aluminum pans + food storage container set 3 pcs.

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All in one for the creative kitchen

In this set you will receive the complete set from us.
Seet of 3 aluminum pans and our food storage containers for storage.

JUST VEGAN - CeraVegan pan set, 3 pieces, with plant-based ceramic non-stick coating based on avocado oil in green.

Aluminum pan set with CeraVegan plant-based ceramic non-stick coating based on avocado oil. Ideal for frying and cooking without fat. Scratch-resistant and robust.  Even heat distribution. No burning and sticking. Ideal for searing. Best cooking results and easy cleaning. Suitable for ovens up to 280 °C.

The CeraVegan non-stick coating consists of several layers, the top layer of which contains a mixture of avocado oil and water. This extraordinary coating is free of chemical solvents. The CeraVegan non-stick coating is more powerful than standard non-stick coatings because it contains a natural, purely plant-based non-stick agent: avocado oil, which forms a wafer-thin microfilm that increases the non-stick properties of the coating.

Seet consists of: 3 pans, ø 20 cm/ H 4.8 cm, ø 24 cm/ H 5.0 cm, ø 28 cm/ H 5.7 cm. Dishwasher safe. Suited for all kinds of stoves, even induction ones.

Extremely robust and durable thanks to the plant-based ceramic non-stick coating

  • exclusive avocado oil coating creates a wafer-thin microfilm and thus ensures a unique non-stick effect and healthier, fat-free cooking. 100% Vegan!
  • 5-year guarantee on the CERAVEGAN non-stick surface on the inside of the pan
  • high-quality and extremely resistant ceramic non-stick effect
  • no harmful substances


JUST VEGAN food storage box in 3 pieces. Seet, keeps food fresher for longer at home and can also be used as a lunch box for work. The food storage containers are made of bioplastic and are made from a renewable, plant-based raw material (such as corn, sugar cane, etc.). produced and thus contribute to the protection of the environment. Bioplastics such as polylactic acid (PLA) have a major advantage over conventional plastics in terms of manufacturing/production. In contrast to petroleum-based plastics such as PS and PET, the production of polylactic acid (PLA) causes around 60 percent less CO2 emissions and also uses 50 percent less non-renewable energy. The 3-part. Seet is 100% tight, 100% hygienic: no gaps - no germs.

- 3tlg. Food storage container set consists of sustainable bio-plastic (PLA)
- With 4-fold click closure and sealing ring - 100% leak-proof, 100% hygienic - no gaps - no germs
- Stackable inside each other to save space
- Ideal for storage, freezing and heating (microwave safe)

At JUST VEGAN, we want to inspire you to adopt a healthy diet both inside and outside of the kitchen. We offer you a unique cooking experience when preparing vegan and vegetarian delicacies with our unique product line. Thanks to our special new CERAVEGAN coating, which we use on all our products, healthy cooking is now possible. CERAVEGAN fulfills all the properties of a high-quality ceramic coating based on a natural, plant-based manufacturing process. The non-stick coating consists of several layers, the top layer of which contains a mixture of avocado oil and water. According to the motto "less is more", we try to save packaging material wherever this is possible without compromising product safety. All our packaging is made from 100% recycled material and is therefore fully recyclable. If plastic, then bioplastic, i.e. we use renewable, plant-based raw materials in the production of our food storage products. JUST VEGAN - Better for you & better for the planet.